SASCA and its service-users


The Somali Adult Social Care Agency (SASCA) provides free, independent and confidential advice and guidance, advocacy and interpreting services for the different communities in Greater Manchester on the following issues:

  • Welfare Rights
  • Debt issues
  • Education, Training & Employment
  • Housing
  • Health issues
  • Immigration
  • Hate Crimes
  • All other issues that are of concern to the local communities.


SASCA was initially set up to help the Somali community in Greater Manchester but over the years the services that SASCA provides has been benefitted by the all the communities in Greater Manchester specially, the Syrians, the Moroccans, the Ethiopians and the Eritreans. SASCA boasts of staff who are multilingual and cover the needs of its service-users in the areas mentioned above and that is why it has become a focal point for the local communities.


It is worth reminding that due to the civil war in the countries of those communities, many of them had to flee from their countries and came to the United Kingdom and many other European countries from where they later moved to the United Kingdom. Most of them face many challenges including language barrier, unemployment, isolation, mental health problems and many more, therefore, the objective of SASCA is to assist those deprived communities and to bring those individuals and families out of their social exclusion, become self-reliant and integrate in to the wider society by providing the services mentioned above. The first point of contact for most of our clients is our Drop-in Service where our service-users can come to our centre 4 days a week from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The service users are provided with all the services they require by our staff and volunteers and SASCA refers to other organisations some of the cases that require specialist attention.



Most of our service-users are people who need assistance in their immigration cases and those clients can be divided in to three groups:


  • The first group is asylum seekers who are claiming asylum in the UK and their cases are being dealt with by the Home Office who come to
  • SASCA office for translation and interpreting services and to have proof of their Somali identity which is sometimes demanded by the Home Office. There are also individuals, whose cases have been rejected by the Home Office and have no solicitors and do not know where to turn to for help, therefore, those individuals come to SASCA where they are advised by a Paul Morris, our immigration specialist.


  • The second group is those who have been recognised as refugees and cases accepted, they often come to our office and they are assisted when applying extension of their residence permit in the UK and also when applying for travel documents, passports and naturalisation. Before rendering them those services they are advised the best possible options and what steps they require to undertake.


  • The third group is the European nationals who are applying for UK residence and need assistance in those areas and also issues related to employment such as applying for national insurance number.


Another area where SASCA provides assistance is employment, apart from helping clients seek employment and train them in how to look for jobs online and help them create their own CVs;SASCA also provides volunteer opportunities for many young Somalis and provides them with references.


As language barrier is major problem for our service-users, SASCA contacts with the Department of Work and Pensions, The HM Revenues, Tax Credits and Manchester City Council, Schools and Social Services on their behalf to sort out issues that require contacting and negotiating with those government departments. Other areas where SASCA renders assistance to its clients include but not limited to: Translating clients’ correspondence, arranging appointments for clients, negotiating with creditors such as Telephone, Internet, Energy and United Utility. Filling online forms for Housing Benefits; Rehousing Applications, Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credits. Our staff and volunteers also complete individual funding applications to energy and water providers to relieve of their debts.


SASCA also publishes quarterly bilingual newspaper (Somali and English) with  the objective of informing and educating our readers on the changes taking place in this country so that they are better prepared for a potential effects on their lives and also informing the wider communities on the issues related to the Somali community in Greater Manchester.


Mohamed Jeilani



Somali Adult Social Care Agency (SASCA)



SASCA addresses the needs of Somalis in the City of Manchester through advocacy and information, basic health and care support, training and signposting to agencies

SASCA is independent, managed by Somalis, balancing cultural expectations with best practice in governing a charity and delivering services.

1) Drop-in-advice

  • Welfare rights
  • Debt issues
  • Housing
  • Health issue
  • Immigration
  • Job search

2) SASCA newspaper

Bi-lingual newspaper designed for the Somali community

3) Volunteer programme

The programme allows the volunteer to build confidence, gain new skills leading to employment

4) Tackling isolation

Accommodate the elders for socialising and fitness activities


SASCA  Address:

153 Princess road


M14 4RE


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